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Facial treatments in Delray Beach are available at our medical spa. Your face is the first thing that someone notices about you, so it is essential to maintain its appearance with fast treatments that do not require any incisions or extended recovery times. When you visit a medical spa, you should have your facial skin analyzed to receive the best services for your skin type. For example, your skin can have an oily or dry appearance, but you may also have combination of skin types with an oily forehead and dry cheeks. In addition, you can have sensitive skin that requires using hypoallergenic products. 

If you have acne or old scars from pimples, then we recommend a microdermabrasion service that will exfoliate the top layers of skin to reveal new skin tissue. Alternatively, you might prefer a chemical peel that involves the application of special products to lift away the debris from your skin’s pores to improve the condition of your skin. There are also varieties of facials that use rough granules to remove embedded sebum or that have special herbs that will lift the toxins from your skin. 

When you have dry or patchy skin, you should have it moisturized after it is exfoliated and cleaned. Our team of aestheticians can select the proper high-quality moisturizing product for your face to give it a younger and smoother appearance. Taking care of your skin with facial treatments in Delray Beach can eliminate the skin-aging problems that occur from living in a sunny year-round environment. Contact us at Radiant Aesthetic by phone or submit an appointment request online!

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