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Rosacea Reduction Delray Beach

Rosacea is a skin condition that typically occurs to women with fairer skin. This problem leads to red cheeks that have visible blood vessels and swollen bumps. Many women assume that they have severe acne, but the application of creams formulated for pimples or blackheads will make this skin condition worse. The red bumps on the skin might become infected, leading to an unattractive appearance. Fortunately, those in search for rosacea reduction in Delray Beach, can find effective treatments at Radiant Aesthetic.

Here, you can undergo cool laser treatments or mild facial chemical peels to help your skin. Laser procedures are performed by our experts who will analyze your skin tissue to focus on the blood vessels that are highly visible. Multiple treatments are typically scheduled several weeks apart to have the blood vessels disappear gradually. The pulsing light treatments from the laser will not cause any discomfort, so you will not require any anesthesia during the process. Our team recommends a minimum of three treatments to reduce the redness on your face along with reducing the size of the visible blood vessels. 

After the redness from your rosacea is reduced, having a chemical skin peel is helpful. The right type of chemical peel will exfoliate the top layer of rough red skin to eliminate the unattractive bumps. Rosacea reduction for Delray Beach clients requires using a chemical peel that is formulated for sensitive skin to prevent discomfort or allergic reactions. Talk to an aesthetician at Radiant Aesthetics to learn more about our treatments for rosacea, or you can reach us by submitting a contact form online.

rosacea reduction delray beach

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