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Stretch Mark Reduction Delray Beach

Ask most women what common imperfection bothers them, and stretch marks are usually among the top answers. Ladies, you are not alone because even celebrities both young and older have stretch marks. You can rub on all the fancy creams you like but attacking these belly stripes requires a little therapy sophistication. Those looking for a clinic for stretch mark reduction in Delray Beach can look to Radiant Aesthetic. Our skilled experts are treating clients with the brilliance of advanced beauty technology. These instruments resurface the skin on your belly and other areas to smooth away the length and width of these long, narrow streaks or grooves that annoy people of all shapes and sizes. 

At Radiant, we offer the latest technology for stretch mark reduction in Delray Beach. and use the effective Venus Concept’s technology in radio frequency (RF). The devices have been recently studied, and the success of radio frequency therapy is impressive. According to a clinical evaluation performed by the University in Bangkok in 2017, more than 2/3 of the participants noted a significant reduction in their stretch marks and an increase in new collagen and elastin, improving the skin’s surface area. The RF treatments are quick (about 30 minutes), easy and safe with low downtime, and best of all, these devices deliver noticeable results on all skin tones. 

You shouldn’t have to hide your body because you’re embarrassed by stretch marks. Skin care has advanced greatly, and these new treatments have been designed to improve the skin and do it fast. At Radiant Aesthetic, we really like what we do and have compassion and high standards for each client. Call us today for an appointment or fill out the form on our contact us page. We can make a difference with stretch mark reduction Delray Beach.

stretch mark reduction delray beach

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